Nanni vor Maha Maya

We hear it everywhere – the world is in a big change. But what does this mean for every one of us?

In western countries we see, that people become more and more under pressure. They suffer from their daily requirements and develop the feeling, that time is running, and they become more and more lost.

Maha Maya Center is a place which resonates, regardless of the technique that is practiced with the teacher.

The serenity, purity and simplicity of the place make this happen. The place connects the attentive permaculture and the get together of women and children from the healing home and retreat guests – this already may be a life changing experience.

Retreat guests that follow their teacher to Maha Maya Center, practicing HIAO or other meditation, come to experience their inner strength to achieve inner peace. From this inner place one can create a self-determined life, so that one can catch up with this time of change, without being caught up by stress.

Retreat guests get together with women and children, who were banished from their families, lost their homes, their families and all their chances for a good life.

Though it’s one place, retreat guests live on one side, women and children on the other side. They come together at the permaculture, where they can come together quietly or interacting, to seed and to reap.