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The focus

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The focus

Spiritual Alignment

We spend our life here in the awareness that the divine manifests itself again and again, in different forms. And every form is born of light.

That is why we find the symbols and images of these manifested forms in the temple. We worship Jesus Christ as well as Buddha and other divinities. There are many small temples in the garden that remind us: no matter which manifestation of God you want to connect and identify with: in the beginning everything was light - everything is divine consciousness. So you might walk through the garden and perhaps want to stay and meditate at Mother Mary, Buddha or one of the other temples.


The main temple itself is dedicated to the divine mother, in the form of Haidakhandeshvari Ma, from whom creation arises.

Like a mother who welcomes all her children, this temple is open to all religions.

Because living humanity is understood as the highest religion.

Amba Amba Jaya Jaga Dambe

Sarva rup ek tu hi Amba


O mother of the universe

You are the unity in diversity, you divine mother

HIAO Healing

The source of all this is HIAO.  HIAO HIAO is a sound that in itself carries the memory of what makes us human and and the power within ourselves.


HIAO classes with Parvati are available regularly in seminars or individual retreats here at the Maha Maya Center of Consciousness or in online classes (please make an appointment under or per WhatsApp: 0091 6282 672 166)


In HIAO classes you learn to train your body and mind and to understand your body and mind in a way again, that it serves you to perceive the endlessness, that is your home.
Your home where your inner peace, your deep calm and your wisdom are with you.

When you get familiar with this home as your base, the deep longing to understand life and to be at peace, with what life offered you so far will be satisfied. You will fall in love with the life that you are!

These are all topics that cannot be worked out with the mind, we can experience them, actually experience them with all our senses - and thus remember them again.

HIAO therefore consists of physical/energetic exercises, meditations and the practice of mastering big topics such as forgiveness, courage, trust, ... from your innermost being.

HIAO is possible for all age groups, and I can also pick you up with the physical exercises according to what is feasible for you at the time. The aim is to make the body flexible and supple again. A state of permeability is then achieved. By this I mean 2 things:

1.Everything is energy, everything is moving. This means that deep-seated blockages can also be set in motion and thus dissolved and healed. Issues such as fear and anger or trauma create blockages. When we learn to release these, we also learn not to create new blockages through the emotions we are holding on to.

2. The endlessness, the sacredness of our being can only be experienced IN our body. It is therefore clear that our body should and can allow such experiences. We train it for this.

From the very first HIAO lesson, you will gain such experiences.

HIAO Healing - a traditional wisdom from ancient India and Tibet - is therefore a very truthful and very direct path to YOU! A very beautiful path to happiness on this earth.

The Vision

One night, I meditated in my temple in Vienna – and suddenly it was there – the vision of Maha Maya Center of Consciousness.

From my point of view it’s like this: In this time of Covid-19 lockdowns, where every country shuts down it’s social life, where every country closed its borders and still it concerns the whole world, something became very clear: we are all connected.
Though we act as if the problems of other countries, like hunger, war and violence would be far away from us. But it all concerns us. Because there is this reaction with a pain that lies deep in us.

  • Maha Maya Center of Consciousness is a place where worlds that apparently seem to be seperated, are connected.
  • A place, that will be experienced by people, who are ready to seek the truth and the sense of their own life and the world.
  • A place for women and children in India, who suffered from violence and seek a new start.
  • A place for HIAO Healing and other techniques that angle the person with his/her higher self.
  • A magic and holy place.


The get together of women and children from the Healing Home with the people who come to a retreat exposes the illusion of separation. 


We recognise the same pain and the same way to become free. It is the same meaning, the same value, the same breath.

I firmly believe that every person - no matter what their background and no matter what has happened to them - can rise to their dignity, to their absolute self-worth, if only they get the right help. That is the meaning of the Maha Maya Center of Consciousness. This is my story, my daughter's story, and the story of many people I have been privileged to accompany over the past 20 years.

Parvati Reicher, Founder of Maha Maya Center of Conscisousness

Maha Maya Center of Consciousness
Parvati Reicher
Vienna - Austria
Kerala - India
Tel.: 0043 699 11 044 258

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Life and Visit at Maha Maya Center

Grüß Euch – oder vandanam, wie man auf Malayalam sagt 😊 Heute möchte ich Euch vom Leben im und um...

What our guests speak

"Dieser Ort ist einfach magisch, mit jedem Atemzug und mit jedem Schritt auf diesem Boden wurde ich von einer ganz speziellen Energie durchströmt, die ich bis heute noch spüren kann."

Petra (HIAO Single Retreat)

Im Maha Maya Center habe ich die Einzigartigkeit meiner Seele und ihr Bedürfnis, etwas zu schaffen, wiederentdeckt.
Die Stille und Gelassenheit erhellen immer noch meine Seele.

Christine (Guest)

"Während des HIAO Retreats tauchte ich in eine völlig neue Welt ein... diese Übungen zeigten bald eine tiefe Wirkung auf mich selbst, und innere Wunden begannen zu heilen, unnötiger Ballast begann abzufallen."

Monika (HIAO Retreat)