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HIAO Retreat

Retreat at Maha Maya Center of Consciousness - October 2022

Every one of us carries the key for awakening. Following our karma, we will apparently follow a path in our life, that may display this key. There is so much wisdom in this world, so many techniques that have the potential to free the chains of illusion, to lead to reli-gio, to help to identify with the light. This might be the way of shaman, of the mayas, of yoga or HIAO. We may trust, that if a path attracts us we can follow it, because our soul brought it into our life.
If we are western people, we might ask: if budhist monks learn meditation from the very beginning, if children in India attend a Sanskrit school, if mayas pass the wisdom from generation to generation, how should we follow this path, when we life a western life? How can it lead us to inner wisdom and to inner freedom – to the knowledge of our self? Is this possible in a western life?
Well, everybody has the freedom to decide what is important in ones life. We might assume that there are many seducements, that may put humans off the path of the desire to perceive a free, full and huge life.
I am happy to offer a HIAO retreat to this huge topic here in Maha Maya land in Kerala.
We train our budy to make it permeable again. In this state you will attend vedic ceremonies, like puja, seva for the shiva lingam and holy fire.
It’s more than urgent now, that EVERY human immerses in spirituality.
It’s time for Shakti – the female creativity.
Because if shakti relieves in every one of us and in the world itself, then we all find the deep female potential to sense wisdom.
If we remember what it is like to sense, we will realize how magic these old rites are that were taken over by all religions.
Then we feel and perceive the magic and become part of it.
Maha Maya land is dedicated to this duty. The healing of shakti in every man and every women.
This will change a lot in your life.
It will deeply change your imagination, your pride, your creativity.
I will be glad to welcome you!

Facts about the retreat

October 22nd 2022 til November 5th 2022
9-10 days retreat in this period
Price per person in double occupation: € 1660.00
Price per person in single occupation: € 1920.00 (if disposable)

Requests to be sent to

Included in the price:
Participation in the retreat and rites, vegetarian fullboard, airport transportation, all transportations included in the retreat, 1 ayuvedic massage per person


Single Retreat at Maha Maya Center of Consciousness

When we put everything aside,
all your success and all your failure, all your familie issues and all the troubles that concern you – just everything.

Who are you?

Are you ready to face that – ready to face your destiny?

This means:

  • Do you find yourself at a point in life, where you long for a transformation?
  • You might have achieved a lot and experienced a lot in your professional and personal life. But still, does there exist a strong longing that you ask yourself, “What is life?” and “What is really my life’s purpose?”
  • Do you wish to drop your mask, overcome social conditioning and live the life that you are incarnated for?

Then it’s time now to fall in love with the life, that you are. It’s time to face your strength, to disillusion your fears, and to identify with the infinite energy that you recognize yourself in.

Come to Maha Maya land to a HIAO single coaching.

10 intensive days – the whole attention on yourself.
Afterwards your life will be richer and brighter.

  • You will feel the joy of creating your life as your soul planned to.
  • You will have learned to activate your strength, so that you don’t exhaust yourself due to unnecessary effort. You will face your fellow men with ease and without feeling the need to protect yourself or to please somebody.
  • Your emotions will be richer, but they won’t determine you.
  • You will have learned a technique that helps you to focus and angle yourself.
  • You will stop making excuses that you don’t follow your heart.
  • You will live the life you came for - in your job and private.
  • But your longing will be bigger to create your life with full consciousness.

Duration: 14 days inclusive time for arriving safely

Day 1 & 2: Arriving, First Coaching, Relaxing, Massage

10 days: intensive coaching (Meditation in the morning, HIAO lessons, time for reflexion)

Day 13&14: Final coaching and relaxing, departure

At most 2 people at one time.

Price: Euro 2.800 plus VAT

includes accommodation and vegetarian full board, all HIAO sessions, airport transfer, 2 massage.

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