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A property situated in a very calm area in Kerala, far away from the hustles of tourism and road noisy roads.

In an idyllic place, surrounded by forests, you will find lovingly furnished rooms built in the original Indian architectural style. An 8-cornered seminar hall, open to nature on all sides let the cool breeze sweep inside. A temple that invites you to meditate and feel the divine presence.

Perceive your inner power

HIAO is a sound that in itself carries the memory of what makes us human and and the power within ourselves.

Our true potential is realized when we debunk our personal boundaries. Several factors like food, environment, thoughts, and emotions diminish our body vibrations. Due to this, we cannot always secure the spiritual energy within us. With HIAO exercises we learn to influence our nerves and chakras to hold the spiritual energy within our body. It enables us to identify with this higher consciousness and align ourselves with it.

Relax your body with Ayurveda

Feel the magic of 5,000+ years old Ayurveda. Our experienced massage therapists provide different types of Ayurvedic massages with warm herbal oils.

What you will experience at Maha Maya Center


Maha Maya Center of Consciousness invites people from all over the world to come to this special place to reflect, find inner peace, and realize their true selves.

A place where you feel safe, a place that energetically invites you to meditate and become calm.

The Sanatan Dharma (origin of all religions) still celebrated in India and the spirituality lived in the center, the simplicity, the magic of the enchanting garden touches us deeply in our hearts.

All this and much more create the willingness, longing and inner intention to step out of many limitations and create a more free and happier life.


When we put everything aside,
all your success and all your failure,
all your family issues,
all the troubles that concern you - just everything.
Who are you?
Are you ready to face that -
ready to face your destiny?


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Maha Maya Center of Consciousness
Parvati Reicher
Währingerstraße 70/3
1090 Wien

Tel.: 0043 699 11 044 258

Maha Maya Center of Consciousness pvt ltd
Near St Thomas church,
Olive mount
Tabore P.O
Postal code – 683577
Mookkannoor, Angamaly
Ernakulam district, Kerala

Destination Airport: Cochin